Weekly Tashkent Taxi Update

In a hurry, catching a ride to an event. My driver ended up being an elderly Uzbek man. Very talkative, after stopping his car to let a group of women cross the street, he started to talk about his love and respect for all women. He talked about women being the center of creation and other philosophical concepts. Talked about family. That, naturally, led to the question I have been asked million times here by family, friends and random strangers – are you married? My answer (“No”), he took on as a challenge. “Not a big deal! We are going to find you someone”, he said enthusiastically. Just like that an old taxi driver turned into a childish cupid driving his chariot to his passenger’s destiny, but to be more precise, to the first guy he noticed on the street hauling a cab. Taxi cupid winked at me as he stopped by the potential passenger. After some bargaining between the two (in Uzbek), taxi driver clacked his tongue with disapproval and took off without the guy; “cheap guy, he would have not been a good husband for you”.

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